graduation hairstyles

This picture shows typical teenagers of this time period posing with cap and gown and vintage car!!!!

The young man is standing up against the car while the young woman is sitting inside the car in the driver's seat and smiling for the picture. The gentleman is wearing a long gradation gown with a white shirt and tie. His dress shoes look well worn. His haircut is very short and shaved on the sides. His hat sits squarely on his head with the point in the front hitting close to the eyebrows.

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Looking at this actual photograph circa 1920s shows us that not much has changed in all these years with the dress and pose for that special day portrait.

1920s graduate woman

This is from the era when women were cutting their long tresses short into ear length bob haircuts. The Marcel wave was popular and all the rage. This gal has dark hair that she has styled around her graduation cap. This is one great example of "how to wear bangs" with this cumbersome yet all so important piece of clothing. The bangs are brushed to the side and partially tuck up and under but then a tuft barely peaks through as they swirl  back up under the brim. The sides are cut into graduated lengths that go from the eye down just past the ear. If you look closely you will see a little pin curl above one eyebrow. Her cap and gown are black with a big white collar.

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This is super cute and sure to make many folks smile. This lovely lady has short curly locks that go nicely with the cap and gown.

Short Curly Graduation Hair

Her style is simple which is defined curls that peak out from under her cap and the length of her haircut is short. The sides are cut above the ears and the back up off of the collar. She wears it down and has no bangs. A big smile shows that she is proud of that diploma in her hands as it holds the key to her future.

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This short hairstyle looks awesome with a cap and gown and is sure to turn some heads at the graduation ceremony.

Young Black Woman

This lovely young woman has straight hair ( a good salon relaxer treatment can help to create a smooth texture like this one ) that is cut just below ear level with the strands on the back of neck being slightly longer. She has full bangs that are gently brushed to the side on the ends. One side is longer than the other for an asymmetrical appeal. Her black cap with blue tassel is placed back on the crown and held in place in bobby pins. Her simple earrings sparkle. Her beautiful smile brings out playful dimples.

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Whether you are preparing for graduation from college or high school this style is a win win!

Graduation Day

This lovely young lady has long brunette hair that she has styled into simple loose curls. She is wearing her black graduation cap down over her forehead with her bangs tucked up into it. Pulling the sides back and securing them like a partial updo will help to keep the fullness down on the sides so they don't look bushy. Simple stud earrings complete the look.

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