funky hairstyles

Pictures of funky "out of the ordinary" hairstyles can be found here. We also provide helpful information to go along with the photos.

This is cute choppy style with bleach blonde on top and brown on the underneath layer is full of edgy style. The brown shows around the bottom.

two tone prom hairstyle

The is scene hairstyle with a medium to long length in back and graduated lengths on the sides. There is a side part and bangs. This super straight look can be accomplished with the help of a flat iron. There is a star accessory added to the side for interest. She is wearing a vintage thrift store find prom dress that has a cinched up back with ribbon.

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What a great look for today's urban hairstyles. This one has the perfect violet purple color and is ready for fun.

purple hair and hat

This bob has straight across bangs and a chin length. This model is wearing a black top hat that has what looks like sequins. She has black netted fingerless gloves and a choker collar necklace that is all true punk 80's fashion.

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Here is a collection of pictures that have good examples of hair and fashion in and around Seattle:

sidewalk scene

Here we see colored jeans in shades of red and grey as well as cargo pants and others for men as well as a suit jacket and a loose sweater. These guys are sporting short hair.

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Cyndi has always been known for her outrageous hair and this style is certainly no disappointment.

cyndi lauper

Her hair color is a pinkish orange and very bright and one tone. The length is thin and stringy and set in finger waves. The top is piled up in a big curly ball that is completely disheveled. Her lipstick matches her tresses. Her dress is very vintage and Victorian and quite interesting with the color being a brown drab and the neckline looks like gold beads here at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. Her arms are not in the sleeves, or perhaps that is some sort of cape but it looks very odd.

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If you ever travel to Seattle you will get an eye full of colorful people!

Sweatshirts, skinny jeans, and skateboards tell the story. Wearing the hood up on the sweatshirt is part of the scene whether or not the weather warrants it. This day is on the chilly side at about 38 degrees. One hand in the pocket and one holding the cig. The bottom of the skateboard is full of artwork and sits up for all to see.

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