David Beckham

David Beckham is looking as handsome as ever as he and H&M introduce Bodywear in New York City on February 1, 2014!

David Beckham

The event was a special meet the fans affair at the H&M store in Times Square. It was a chance for fans to decide how much clothing this celebrity would wear for a Super Bowl commercial.

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Oh yes this is nice choice for a young business professional or distinguished man.

"David Beckham" Book Signing at Waterstone's in London on December 19, 2013

His light brown or dirty blonde locks are finger combed into place. The strands are left a bit longer so they can be styled into place with some wet look hair products. His unshaven face, or 5 day old beard, adds a touch of bad boy.

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David is poised, confident, and full of style as he poses for a picture as he presents Bodywear for H&M in Berlin on March 19.

David Beckham


He keeps the sides short and combed downward while the center section is left longer and is slicked back. The bangs have the look of finger styling as they are directed up and back with some lift that can be created with products such as pomade. His signature unshaven face gives the bad boy impression that women are so attracted to. He is wearing dark colors.

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David Beckman poses for a shot at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Y-3 10th Anniversary Collection!

David Beckman

David has strong masculine look with a suntan face and groomed hairstyle that is neat and tidy. The sides are short and combed downward with the top being spiked up with pomade. His manicured beard continues up to meet the sideburns. He has a mustache as well. His hair color is sandy with flecks silver here and there. He is wearing a simple tee shirt in a dark shade.

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A handsome man like David Beckman wears his hair in different styles. This one is cut above the ears and combed up and back on top.

David Beckham

He has a five o'clock shadow at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards – Press Room.

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