curly hairstyles

Pictures of curly hairstyles with helpful information about how to achieve the look.

Kelly Rowland has created a look here that is somewhat like a partial updo with an edgy twist….

Kelly Rowland

Hair is parted in the middle and each side is slicked back and kept tight up against the scalp until ear level where it then transitions into a much fuller natural looking kinky curl. She most likely has extensions or their might be a back piece that pins into place. Her super black hair color is lovely with her skin tone. She is wearing animal print here as she performs during New Year's Eve Weekend at Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas on December 29, 2012.

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If you are looking for a beautiful and sexy option to wear to a formal function take a look at these lovely curls.

Long Formal Hairstyle

A side part and bangs that are curled over to the side help to keep the face open. This one is full of defined curls for a nice soft look. Her red dress has tiers of fringe quite like the flapper dresses from days gone by. So if you are looking for something other than an updo, check out this option for your Christmas or New Years party or any other formal function.

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Halle Berry is wearing a long form fitted gown that has a deep leg slit and her crop hairstyle at "Cloud Atlas" Germany Premiere.

Halle Berry

The sides of this style are short and cut above the ears. The bangs are quite short as well to open up the whole forehead and face. The top is full of random spikes and curls which make for some height up here. What an elegant look that is also edgy and fun. Her dress is dark grey and asymmetrical. She is wearing wide silver bracelets.

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Here is a look that might be perfect for a funeral or other somber event or possibly something fun such a theme party.

Blonde Hairstyle with Black Veil

This woman has golden blonde hair that is curled into subtle spirals that drape down over her shoulders and line the round neck of her dress. Her black head piece has a veil attached to it that covers portions of her mane. She has very fair skin and blue eyes with red lips. Her red choker is a nice splash of color that adds a touch of edgy.

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Oh my how fun is this hairstyle that is totally early 1970's with a bouffant and patterned headband?!

1970's Retro Headband Hairstyle

The length is full of curls created with hot rollers and look quite bouncy. The bangs are pulled straight back and tucked under the red and white accessory. This young woman has a widows peak and has dirty blonde hair. Her pastel eye make-up shouts retro. So if you are looking for a style that might be one typical of this decade, then check out this easy to duplicate look. A form can be purchased and used to create the height seen at the crown along with some good back combing.

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