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Pictures of curly hairstyles with helpful information about how to achieve the look.

Here we have a man from the 1950's posing for a photograph with his arms crossed in front of two vintage cars!

He has curly hair that he wears fairly short and manicured but it's long enough to comb back from the forehead. The strands actually look wavy rather than curly. Pomade helped to tame away wildness and to keep things in place. The sides are short! He is wearing a simple white shirt with a collar and short sleeves. The jeans are straight legged but loose and relaxed and rolled up at the bottom. Loafers polish off the look of hip! It is interesting that the belt buckle is worn off to the side rather than in the middle.

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Christie is looking beautiful as always with her long mane that has big loose spiral curls that cascade over her shoulder.

Christie Brinkley

The top is styled in a smooth manner with bangs and an off center part. Her fringe is brushed over to the side and the sides are brushed toward the back. The curls begin at cheek level. She has plenty of hair and its quite possible that extensions could add the needed length and fullness to obtain a look like this. She has not changed her hairstyle much over the years. The color is light brown with lighter shades of blonde to highlight.

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What a lovely vintage inspired hairstyle that would be perfect for so many occasions.

Vintage Side Ponytail

She has very defined and deliberate waves that are created using hair products that will keep the strands together and in curled position. The bangs are brought back from the forehead and lifted a bit into shape for some height. The mane is pulled into a ponytail at the back of the neck and the length cascades over one shoulder in a side swept fashion. The way this one is curled is almost reminiscent of pin curls but these are much bigger and twisted in various directs for an edgy appeal. She is wearing long dangle jeweled earrings and strapless white gown.

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Carrie is known for her long blonde curls and here is a photo of her at the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards showing a profile and back view.

Carrie Underwood

She has a side part and side swept bangs. The strands are tucked behind the ear and she has graduated lengths that go from shoulder level to halfway down her back. Hair extensions make it possible to achieve this kind of length and volume. The top area around her crown is styled in a smooth and straight fashion and the transition to a curly mass takes place at the ear.

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This lovely Italian actress has lovely loose spiral curls as she poses for a shot at the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival – "To Rome with Love."

Alessandra Mastrondardi

She has berry brunette hair that is parted in the middle and she is bang-less. The top portion is relatively straight down to ear level where it transitions into feminine curls. She is wearing a white lacy dress and long dangle earrings.

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