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You've got to love this vintage look complete with big Afro hair and hippie fashion.

70's Afro and Hippie Fashion

Big kinky curly locks make this look a black is beautiful fashion statement. The bulk of the height is around the head with the top being not so tall and the bottom is tapered into the neck. Her sunglasses are big and round and smoky colored with metal rims. Her white frilly top is cropped length with vintage ruffled three quarter length sleeves. She has a wide belt with hip hugger jeans. Her macrame purse is what makes this outfit perfect for the 70's. It's an off white color and has long fringes that hang down and swish back and forth when she walks.

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These two ladies are looking rather glam for their era wearing bathing suits and cat eye sunglasses while they stand at the river's edge fishing.

1950's Bathing Beauties

This was a common activity on a hot summer day in rural America and what better way to catch some rays than to wear the good old swimsuit. Back then ladies covered up quite a bit more than they do today and it was considered sexy. Their one piece suits come up quite high in the back and the legs are cut straight across which helped to keep things in place. The material looks rather thick almost like a girdle. Back then most women wore girdles with dresses even if they were thin. It was just the fashion. It was considered unsightly to have loose looking skin/tissue.

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Here we have two ladies from the 1930's sitting on a dock with a dog and what a charming example of the hair and fashions for older ladies of that era.

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This is a perfect hairstyle for a long and narrow face.

Beth Behrs Attends Philadelphia Style Magazine Holiday Issue Cover Party at Trust in Philadelphia - December 19, 2013

Beth Behrs has full bangs that are cut straight across. This gives a deliberate horizontal line that brings the eye out to outer borders of her face to give the impression of a wider canvas. The top area around the crown is straight and smooth and then the transition to curls begins at about eye level. Big spirals dangle on each side of the face and have a bit of a vintage feel. There is no part and the bangs are deep set. The color is blonde with highlights and lowlights. Quite a bit of depth and brightness with this one.

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How about a nice bleach blonde updo that is reminiscent of the 50's when many women opted for a short hairstyle with curls or in this case…….

1950's Curly Updo

an updo that gives the impression of a short hairstyle.

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