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How did women in the 1950's wear their hair for work and what kind of clothes did they wear?

1950s women

Women flocked to the workforce in the 1940's to help with the war effort, when the 1950's rolled around many women stayed home to raise children but still a significant number of women chose to bring home a paycheck.

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What a darling little girl here in this black and white photo that looks to be a primary school portrait.

1940's primary school portrait

She has soft curls that were most likely created with pin curls placed on damp hair and then allowed to dry at which point they were gently brushed out. She has a side part and with the use of bobby pins, the strands are gathered into place. On one side the curls are placed above the ear and on the other side they are pulled over and centered behind a darling plastic bow clip which was quite popular with the feminine little girls. This is a short style that is cut at collar length in the back and on the sides the bottom of the ears are showing just a touch. She has medium brown locks to match her eyes. She has a shy looking smile.

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This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom sitting on the dock with my dad's boat in the background.

1950's Sunbathing Beauty

This was taken before they got married and my grandma had written on the back of the photo that it was taken on their trip to St Maries, ID on the St Joe River. The boat that you can see in the background is a Criss Craft with the name Schuss Boomer. The Colonial American Flag is proudly flying in the good old red, white, and blue.

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This is the most charming picture of a young mother holding her baby daughter in the early 1950's.


She has a very classic look for this time period with her short brunette hair, red lipstick, and cat eye glasses. The top middle section of her hair is combed forward and then curled under. It is cut super short and straight across at the forehead. The sides are brushed downward into pin curls at ear level so this style is both straight and curly.

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Maitland Ward was spotted while shopping at LXR & Co. on Brighton Way in Beverly Hills on March 7, 2014 wearing a medium to long length spiral curl hairstyle.
Maitland Ward
Her locks are parted in the middle and each side is curled toward the back in large spiral curls. Her medium brown color is sprinkled with honey highlights. Her designer sunglasses sit on top of her head as she carries a red clutch purse. She is wearing a simple white tee shirt and royal blue suit type jacket with faded blue jeans.
Maitland Ward
This shot shows her with the purse over shoulder and a side view.
Maitland Ward
And this full length shot shows off her skinny jeans and high heel pumps as she looks at a collection of hand bags.

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