brunette hairstyles

This is a charming old photograph that shows us how young woman in the 40's wore their hair and clothes.


These three young ladies are posing in the front yard of this vintage picture. They are sisters and the one in the middle is holding a baby. They all have short hair that is styled in simple and traditional ways. They are wearing cropped blouses and A line skirts that hit at knee length. Their shoes have laces and they are wearing anklet socks. The one on the left is holding her hands in front of her and her one knee is bent for a feminine model-type pose.

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This is such a charming vintage wedding picture of a 1950's bride and groom that shows typical hairstyles and dress.



bride and groom 1950s

The gentleman is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a small white corsage on his lapel. His tie is a black and white striped and is thin or narrow. He is sporting a flat top crew cut and black horned rimmed glasses with thick frames.

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Here are some vintage photos straight from 1979 of a bride a groom on their wedding day.


The month is November and as one might expect, the colors are similar to those that we use to celebrate Thanksgiving. The flowers are yellow, gold, and rust. These colors were quite popular during this time period as well. The backdrop is brown and so is the grooms tux.

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This one is short and sassy and perfect whether you are old or young. It is a great choice those who want an easy no nonsense 'do.

Liza Minnelli

Razor cutting makes for a very textured look. Her bangs are especially choppy. This style has more height and volume on the top and around the crown and it tapers and lays flatter to the head at the ends which reach to ear level. She has course strands that help give the oomph necessary make this cut come alive. Her big silver drop earrings are a nice touch to bring out the sparkle of her black shiny outfit.

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This is very short and sweet and boyish yet feminine.

Anne Hathaway

There is no part with a full bang that swings to the side right at the eyebrow line. The sides are cut above the ears and the back is cut close to the neck. There are lots of layers to help the strands fall into place with finger combing. If you are wanting wash and wear, this one may be it. The event here is the 85th Annual Academy Awards – Nominees Luncheon.

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