Boys Hairstyles

This is a very charming photograph taken in the 1940's of a father, young son, and baby daughter.

They are dressed in their Sunday best as they pose for a shot in the yard. A white picket fence, bare winter-like trees, and simple houses serve as the backdrop. The dad is crouched down and holding the baby up as she stands there with her dress and bonnet. Brother is probably about six years old and is showing off a sweet little smirk.

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Kodi is a 16 year old Australian actor who is sporting his version of skater hair as he poses for a shot at "ParaNorman" Los Angeles Premiere.

Kodi Smit-McPhee

He chooses a deep side part and he brushes his bangs up and over to the side to open up his face rather than to have the normal full fringe up front look. The length is just past the ears but with his naturally wavy texture the ends spring out in random directions so it appears a bit shorter than it really is. The back is longer coming down toward the collar. The color is medium brown.

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We've got a glimpse here of Louis Tomlinson at Radio City Live at the Liverpool Echo Arena on July 22, 2012! He's got the microphone in hand as he belts out a song.

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This Canadian singer has got the spiked hair and retro sunglasses down at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.

Justin Bieber

His light brown locks are moussed up on the top to form tall spikes in the front. The sides are shorter and combed down. The sideburns are not heavy or long but are distinct. His shades have an 80's flair with a thicker frame that does not complete a circle around the eye. His eyebrows are visible on top which proves to be a proper fit per what the experts have to say.

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Justin is getting his grove on with the microphone in Concert on NBC's "Today Show" at Rockefeller Center in New York City on June 15, 2012.

Justin Bieber in Concert

This Canadian singer has spiked up his bangs here for a different and new look for him. The top of this one has height with wavy and soft looking tufts that are kept in place with hairspray. The sides are shaved close and combed downward. The sideburns are short and but prominent. His eyebrows are darker than his hair color which is medium brown with lighter highlights.

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