bob hairstyles

Do you love bob hairstyles? So do we and we have some great pictures for you with styling information.

If you are looking to go retro in a hurry you might consider a wig. It's fast and easy and temporary.

Bouffant Bob Wig

This one is super cute and sassy with a short length that hits just above the shoulder. All the height is seen at the back of the crown with a definite hump. The bottom of this bob is curled under and forward in true 60's fashion. The bangs are short. The color is black.

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Elizabeth is sporting a should length wavy bob that was quite possibly created as a result of summer fun at the beach.

Elizabeth Banks

The bleach blonde shade is speckled with highlights and lowlights and is something typical to see after summer. The bottom is choppy and irregular lengths. She has a middle part and is bang-less. Cheek bronzer gives the appearance of sun kissed skin. This image comes from "Pitch Perfect" Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals.

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This short style has a wind blown look with long bangs that brush across the eyes and the overall length is above the shoulder.

Cameron Diaz

Her dark roots show along the side part and a few different shades of blonde add depth to this simple 'do. Layers around the bottom give the look of movement and take the bulk away from this area. This is a fun and sassy look that is great for any occasion. The event for this photo is "What to Expect When You're Expecting" UK Premiere.

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Check out Lydia Bright with her short and shapely bob at TV Choice Awards 2012.

Lydia Bright

She has an asymmetrical look that is created with styling and hair products. One side is slicked back close to the scalp. The other side is full and shows off the layers that are present. There is no deliberate part but rather locks are swooped back and around the crown. The length is ear level and the bangs are swept up and over to the side. The color is golden blonde with a few lowlights added for depth. She has clear blue eyes that shine like her necklace that is full of bright stones.

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This is an authentic photograph from the 1940's that shows a nice example of a wavy bob and a straw hat.

This young woman is in her early 20's and dressed up in her Sunday best. Her hat has a wide brim and is worn toward the back of the head so it almost looks like a bonnet and in fact it does have a tie around the neck. She has a side part and loose finger waves! The length is above the shoulder and the color is a rich brown. She has a flower added to each side! Her jacket has no buttons and is left open in the front. The fabric is faux fur.

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