bob hairstyles

Do you love bob hairstyles? So do we and we have some great pictures for you with styling information.

This one is bleach blonde and stick straight with full bangs and a medium length that just hits the shoulders.

Christina Aguilera

The fringe is deep set and there is no part. It is cut straight across for a nice horizontal line that helps to make a narrow face appear a bit wider. The bottom edge is blunt cut with a bit of angle cut at the front corner. Her eye make-up is quite dramatic with lavender to match her dress. Her suntan makes her hair appear much whiter.

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This style is sure to turn heads with a big hair appearance and side swept pizazz that is anything but boring.

Lianne La Havas

What's nice about this one is the way that it celebrates the fullness but also incorporates smoothness. Lianne La Havas has one side tucked behind the ear while the other sweeps across the forehead and brushes the outer corner of the opposite eye. The deep side part makes for an asymmetrical look that is quite unique. The part is undefined and not visible to the eye. A flat iron would be needed to smooth sections and can also be used to form curls as well. A professional relaxer treatment would help to tame the frizzies and make it easier to create a hairdo like this one.

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This is an authentic photograph of a young woman taken in the 1930's. She has a typical bob hairstyle from that era and is wearing a plain skirt and blouse.

1930's Woman

Her hair is cut short right at about ear level. The part is on the side and the bangs are pulled over to the side and held in place with a clip. The bottom is curled with rollers that would have been set with wet locks and normally this would have taken place in the evening so that in the morning they could be removed and styled. Her top is short sleeve and conservative with it being buttoned to the top. The collar is tidy and starched. The skirt is pleated and full at the bottom and hits way past the knees. This was most likely the late 30's. Anklets were her choice to go with her plain white shoes. Her watch is small and dainty.

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Looking for a messy, choppy, and sassy looking bob? Check out Dani with this cut that is just above shoulder length.

Dani Thorne

The bottom is somewhat inverted with the front edge being slightly longer than the back. She has a side part. The bangs are brushed to the side. Layers are cut into this one to add depth and style. Pomade in the palms and gently patted onto dry locks while lightly scrunching can help get a look similar to this one.

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This style looks somewhat like a partial updo with one side being swept up and pinned up in the back with the other side hangs down in a wavy bob.

Wendi Murdoch

If you looking for something a bit different for that party or special occasion, this one could fit the bill. It's edgy and different yet pretty and feminine. The long bangs are pulled over to the side and clipped into place with a decorative accessory. The waves are scrunched into place with fingers while drying with a diffuser. Here is a shot showing the pulled up side.

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