bob hairstyles

Do you love bob hairstyles? So do we and we have some great pictures for you with styling information.

This is a really cute and neatly styled short bob with with long bangs that are side swept across the forehead and tucked behind one ear.

Brittany Snow

She has deep side part that has some interesting angles for interest. The ends have little flips that lend a sassy edge. Hair products help to get the strands smooth and straight and controlled. Her color has highlights and lowlights for depth and dimension. The shades range from brunette to blonde. Her eyebrows and skin tone are light. Her ice blue eyes are big and bright. The event here is "Call Me Crazy: A Five Film" World Premiere.

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This is a super chic and sassy looking bob with waves and short bangs to spice things up a bit.

1930s Marcel Wave

The finger waves are perfect for this 'do. There is a side part that does not go all the way back but rather the strands on the crown are lifted with a little back combing and directed toward the back. The bangs are fringy and very short and also brushed up and over.

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Take a look at this rockin bob that has lovely soft curls on one side and the other is tucked behind the ear.

Bria Murphy

She has a deep side part and is bang-less. The color is burgundy and looks lovely with her olive skin tone. Her locks are smooth and soft and healthy looking. A professional relaxer treatment can help to achieve this if the natural texture is kinky curly. A big spiral curl decorates one side while the top and other side are relatively straight. She is wearing a long white shirt and skinny black pants with pumps and a bolero jacket.

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This is a great example of how you can get a 1920's faux wavy bob even when you have long hair!!!

Amy Adams

She has a side part with one side slicked back close to the scalp. The other has the bangs pulled over and then waves are created like a Marcel Wave. A crimper could be used here or a flat iron would work as well. The back is pulled up into an updo and the side with the bob-look has some creative placement and strategic planning.

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This bob is short and sassy and full of life with vintage waves!

1920's Bob

The back is shorter and the front is longer for an inverted appeal. The waves are defined and bouncy. A curling iron held vertically can help to get this look by taking sections and winding them around the barrel. Finger styling is all that is needed and avoid using a brush or comb. A curl enhancing gel will help with the hold. This young and lovely model has a golden blonde shade with highlights and lowlights. Dramatic eye makeup and bright red lips are a must for period detail. The elbow gloves are a nice touch as well if one is going for a knock out 20's look.

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