bob hairstyles

Do you love bob hairstyles? So do we and we have some great pictures for you with styling information.

This has all the vintage charm of yesteryear with defined ringlets that dangle down to the shoulders for a feminine look.

Blonde Ringlets

The bangs are combed up and back off of the forehead. The curls are held in place with heavy amounts of product and strong hold hairspray. The are stiff but look bouncy. The color is dishwater blonde with lighter highlights. This is a perfect pin-up look.

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If you are looking for a vintage flapper look for Halloween or any other costume party, check out Nicole Trunfio at Let's Misbehave to Benefit Love Heals with her perfect version.

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This bleach blond 'do is has an 80's edgy tone to it with sharp lines and a trendy pink streak on one side.

Trendy Bob

This one has a super choppy look with lots of layers. Super straight strands are made stiff with pomade and a flat iron.  The ends are blunt. The side is combed forward toward the face. The length is ear level.

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What an awesome period photo this is, circa 1930's, showing a fashionably wavy bob!

The sepia monochrome image shows a woman leaning up against a fence at the zoo. She is wearing a short sleeve dark colored blouse and matching skirt. She has a side part and finger waves that create a soft and feminine appeal. The length is right at the ear and tapers there so there are no harsh lines. The bangs are directed to the side and dangle a bit over the eye.

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This is a nice and neat short blonde hairstyle that is tucked behind the ears.

Jenni Falxoner

She has a side part and no bangs as they are brushed up and over the forehead in a smooth fashion. The back is choppy with razor cut ends that hit at collar level. This is a straight style and has a bit of a stiff look that can be acquired using pomade or other hair products. She is wearing a lovely evening gown at Arqiva British Academy Television Awards.

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