bob hairstyles

Do you love bob hairstyles? So do we and we have some great pictures for you with styling information.

Carol Burnett attended the 51st Annual ICG Publicists Awards in Beverly Hills, CA on Feb 28th 2014 wearing her signature bob hairstyle.

Carol Burnette

She has auburn red and fine hair that is cut in a layered manner that feathers at the sides. The length hits just below the ears. She has bangs and a side part. Here she is wearing gold rim tinted glasses. This is a cute style for older more mature ladies like her or for anyone looking for an easy no nonsense style.

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What a great look for today's urban hairstyles. This one has the perfect violet purple color and is ready for fun.

purple hair and hat

This bob has straight across bangs and a chin length. This model is wearing a black top hat that has what looks like sequins. She has black netted fingerless gloves and a choker collar necklace that is all true punk 80's fashion.

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This is a nice soft looking style for a more mature woman that has fringy bangs and a short length.

Frances Fisher

Lots of layers give this bob the look of movement and it frames the face nicely. They also provide lift and bulk around the sides so the hair doesn't just fall flat against the head. Angling the shears vertically while cutting the bangs gives a textured and choppy look. She has no part for a boyish appeal. The shade of red is light and bright and perfect with her ice blue eyes. She has peach colored lipstick. Frances is a 61 year old English American actress known for movies such as Unforgiven.

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Gayle is sporting a straight bob at the Shape & Men's Fitness 2014 Super Bowl Party in New York City!

Gayle King

Well she has a full bang here and smooth tresses in this no non nonsense look. She has a long and narrow face so the horizontal line of her fringe helps to make the face appear wider. Her glasses are a nice narrow rectangular shape in black with a tint of green on the corners. She looks quite warm in her faux fur coat.

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Helen Mirren is sporting a bob that is shorter on one side to create an asymmetrical appearance here at the 66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards.

Helen Mirren

This attractive 68 year old actress shows us that we can still look fabulous with a perfect haircut for a woman in her 60's and also have something edgy. Her blonde color works well with mature grey in a way that works well together. The grey shade is more of a white so some softer tones are placed near her face in her bangs. One side can either be tucked behind the ear or actually cut just above the ear for the effect. The other side comes down to chin level. There is no specific part but rather there is one point where all strands are styled from. There is a touch of lift at the top for this straight style. The ends taper with some layers to prevent bushiness.

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