back to school hairstyles

Looking for back to school hairstyle ideas? We have some GREAT ideas for you. Come and check them out here.

This is a super cute and stylish look for a teen girl who has long hair and would like a bit of a retro 60's look.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Her bangs are blunt cut and cut straight across. They hit right below the eyebrows for a touch of mystery but definitely do not cover the eyes in any way. Her blue eyes look lovely with her brunette color and her make-up is a dark charcoal. She has a heart shaped face which shows this hairstyle works well with that and it would be great for a long and narrow shape as well. The horizontal line of the fringe brings the focus to the outer edge of the face. She has no distinct part and the length is slightly wavy but not too much. Some layering along the sides helps the strands to fall into place.

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Kodi is a 16 year old Australian actor who is sporting his version of skater hair as he poses for a shot at "ParaNorman" Los Angeles Premiere.

Kodi Smit-McPhee

He chooses a deep side part and he brushes his bangs up and over to the side to open up his face rather than to have the normal full fringe up front look. The length is just past the ears but with his naturally wavy texture the ends spring out in random directions so it appears a bit shorter than it really is. The back is longer coming down toward the collar. The color is medium brown.

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Ashlee's side swept bang bob is one of the hottest hairstyles for the summer and fall season of 2012.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson/

She has a side part with a lovely and sultry swoop of the fringe that covers one eye for that mysterious effect. The other side is tucked behind the ear. The length hits just below the ears. The color is bleach blonde for that fun in the sun look. This one could be styled in minutes making it a good choice for girls on the run.

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This lovely teen girl is sporting a long side swept bang hairstyle that has graduated layers that frame the face a add to a look of movement.

Teenage Student Portrait

When the locks are cut in a way that works well with one's natural resources, they appear as though they can easily move with ease and naturally. This is a long style with more fullness around the crown. Her hair color is a beautiful bright berry brown that looks lovely with her very fair complexion. She has a deep side part and a very smooth and straight texture. Styling tips: a large round brush and a flat iron would be the tools of choice. She's got her backpack on and ready to tackle the first day of school.

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This is a simple and straight shoulder length bob that has curled under ends.

Blonde Bob

She has a side part and light bangs that are brushed to the side. Her face is round and she has a big smile. Her pink feather earrings and beads are a pop of color that works well with her white tank top. What a cute look for summer or easy care back to school. Styling with a round brush lifting at the roots and directing the heat downward while brushing through and under is about all there is to this style.

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