Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert has various versions of his classic pompadour styles here:

20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Arrivals

This pose is from the 20th Annual AIDS Foundation in 2012 and his tall spikes look like flames with silver highlights on the ends.

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Adam is sporting a slicked up pompadour at "Britney: Pieces of Me" Grand Opening at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

Adam Lambert

The sides are shaved close while the top is left longer and pushed up for height which is vintage 1950's hair fashion for men. Elvis Presley made it popular. Pomade helps to set the strands up in place and keep them there. He adds a bit of interest with an asymmetrical look as he has some tufts slicking up on one side. The bang area has a silvery sheen in the lights. His facial hair is cut close and adds character.

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Check out Adam's black spiky 'do with a two tone color effect: silver that covers the ends! Kind of reminds us of a smoldering barbeque that is hot and ready to cook.

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This spiky fohawk-ish haircut is spiced up a bit with teal blue highlights on the ends and look as though they have been painted on.

Adam Lambert

The sides are cut close to the scalp with the top being longer. The strands are directed up with products such as pomade to create great height. The hair color is black as well as the eyebrows and matching eyeliner which could possibly be permanent make-up. Techniques such as hair painting can allow for temporary color. This picture of Adam comes from the 2011 Los Angeles Equality Awards.

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Dark and Gothic are words to describe this asymmetrical haircut. One side is cut close to scalp with a 2 line design shaved close and the top and other side are longer and choppy.

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