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80s hairstyle pictures and information can be found here. Also, check out the 1980s clothing, it is something to be seen.

Two Girls with Funky Hair and Clothes 80\'s Retro Style

Here's a little something with a bit of 80's retro, funky, and just plain crazy. Just pick out a color, and then a pattern, and then another color that doesn't even match, and you have an outfit. It's apparently as easy as that according to these girls. This is certainly a fun way to dress and sure to turn a few heads. The hairstyles are simple and layered and a touch messy.

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Amber Heard with Retro Inspired 80s Big Hair Side Swept Ponytail

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If you love to keep up with cutting edge styles and edgy with a touch of retro, then Amber Heard is one to watch for what is new to come. She is sporting a messy and disheveled 80's big hair look here with a side swept ponytail. Her locks are less than perfect looking, have a matte finish, and are back combed for that big umph. What a fun look for a party as this is a hot new look for fall.

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80\'s style wavy bob and big hair on top with retro style bangs

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Back in the late 80's, we tried to make our hair look as big as possible even if we had a fine or thin mane. Here in this photo taken back in the day, we can see a true retro experience with mouse, curling iron, and lots of hairspray. Lots of layering around the top of this wavy bob with bangs allows there to be lift on top gaining that big hair look. Volume producing hair products are worked into the roots prior to blow-drying then lifting with a vent brush while concentrating the air there will help to get this flash back look.

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Photograph by PR Photos / A. Gilbert

For those who are looking for some ideas for 80s rock hair band style, take a look here at Brett Michaels performing at Poison's Live, Raw, and Uncut Tour at Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, Florida. This 45 year old still has what is takes to entertain fans with his voice, energy, and style. He is sporting his typical trademark custom made cowboy hat with graphics and colorful bandana along with his long blonde messy hair. His band mate is also sporting a typical retro rocker 'do with a wild and big mullet.

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Here is a cute hippie look for girls that incorporates many great things from the 70s/80s: tie dye look, headband, and long curls. Kinky long red locks are held back out of this woman's eyes with the colorful forehead band which could be nothing more than a fashion scarf placed above the eyebrows and tied in back under the hair. The turquoise blue color of her shirt has what looks like paint splashes that resembles the old fashioned tie dye and it's a smash hit with her mane.

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