80s hairstyles

80s hairstyle pictures and information can be found here. Also, check out the 1980s clothing, it is something to be seen.

Rocker Girl with Short Emo Hair

Here's a short cropped cut emo style for a punk rocker girl. With guitar in hand and a pierced lip, she is ready to roll. One side of this hairdo is cut above the ear with the back being longer which is true to the 80's bi-level. The strands are straight and longer in the front. A flat iron helps to get this look.

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Teen Girl with Short Emo Hair Wearing Black and Pink

This teen girl has a cute emo bleach blonde haircut with thin black headband and matching men's tie with pink top and black checked skirt. Her short 'do has a choppy appearance with layers and side swept bangs.

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80s Prom Hair and Dress

This teen girl is all dressed up for a school dance 80s style. This picture was taken late in the decade and is something to see. She has a big curly mane which was so hot back then. Everybody had poodle perms. Her dress is strapless and fitted at the waist then it poofs out into a full skirt. Lots of black lace and pink accents make this a true retro treasure. The make-up is typical from this time period. Blue/green eye shadow and bright pink cheeks and lips were it.

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Two Girls with Funky Hair and Clothes 80\'s Retro Style

Here's a little something with a bit of 80's retro, funky, and just plain crazy. Just pick out a color, and then a pattern, and then another color that doesn't even match, and you have an outfit. It's apparently as easy as that according to these girls. This is certainly a fun way to dress and sure to turn a few heads. The hairstyles are simple and layered and a touch messy.

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Amber Heard with Retro Inspired 80s Big Hair Side Swept Ponytail

Photograph by PR Photos / PRN

If you love to keep up with cutting edge styles and edgy with a touch of retro, then Amber Heard is one to watch for what is new to come. She is sporting a messy and disheveled 80's big hair look here with a side swept ponytail. Her locks are less than perfect looking, have a matte finish, and are back combed for that big umph. What a fun look for a party as this is a hot new look for fall.

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