70s hairstyles

Great pictures of 70s hairstyles and clothing can be found here. We also have information about the 1970s retro look.

Here's a wild and big natural Afro:



This guy is wearing trendy shades and a goatee.

Wondering what kind of short hairstyles high school girls wore in the 1970's?

Short Feathered

Short Feathered

This gal has wavy locks that are cut in a layered fashion to help prevent too much fullness at the sides. The length is mid neck with little fringes at the ends which was typical of the shag. Variations of this style were popular during the early part of this decade. The bangs are side swept and feathered.

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Retro 70's style hair is popular with some like Ashley Edner.
Ashley Edner Retro Sedu

Ashley Edner Retro Sedu

She's got her peace sign displayed on her tank top and her very straight and fine strands seem to work with this style. The sides are pulled back and a thin braid is added for interest on both sides.

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Hippie Flower Child Hair and Clothes

The 1960s and 70s were a time when young people protested war and fought for peace and love and they did so with flowers in their hair as they wore tie dye and beads. This young woman has long kinky curls and a daisy tucked behind one ear (daisies are a retro flower). She has tiny rectanglur sunglasses, a brightly color splashed tank top, and is flashing the peace sign.

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60s Big Bouffant Flip

Here's a picture of a teacher from the 1960s with a big bouffant flip. This woman has plenty of height on the top of her head as it looks as though there are at least 8 inches of ratted curls there. This was a popular hairstyle during this time period and celebrities like That Girl had something very similar.

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