70s hairstyles

Great pictures of 70s hairstyles and clothing can be found here. We also have information about the 1970s retro look.

Full bangs and sides that curl back with a curling iron held vertically are reminiscent of 70's hairstyles.

Bella Thorne

This style is long with gentle curls. The color is strawberry blonde. The event is "Mars Needs Moms" Los Angeles Premiere. Here's an example of a very similar style straight from 1977.

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This no style fits the hairstyle trends from the 70s when big bouffants gave way to simple and plain.

Kaley Cuoco

The off center part is darker and shows the grow out which these days can be a fashion statement. The blonde is very light. Super straight and smooth along with no bangs makes for an easy 'do as long as you do not have naturally curly locks. A touch up with a flat iron adds shine.

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Here is a great example of what a woman back in the 1970's may have looked like walking down the street.

Tila Tequila

She is wearing high waisted jeans with wide (flair) legs. Her big sunglasses take over most of her face. She has long straight hair with a wide forehead band.

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The 1970's made popular long and straight hair with no bangs and this one has an off center part.

blonde babe

Honey blonde is the shade with some lighter streaks for interest as this silky looking mane is otherwise rather plain. A few layers help keep the bottom from looking too thick.

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Blonde with spiral curls make this hairstyle reminiscent of the popular 70's look that Farrah made famous.

Jasmine Dustin

The gold rimmed aviator sunglasses and thin forehead band add to this retro look. Jasmine Celebrates Her Role in "Iron Man 2" at Tao Beach in Las Vegas on May 21, 2010.

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