70s hairstyles

Great pictures of 70s hairstyles and clothing can be found here. We also have information about the 1970s retro look.

Check out this awesome women's mop head presented by Janet Rousseau at The Shoe Crew Poolside Barbeque Fundraiser at The Grand Vista Hotel.

Janet Rousseau

So these are kinky curls that are pulled straight up to the last half of the strands where they then turn to tight curls. It almost has the look of dreadlocks cut not quite. The bangs are long as in way past the eyes but they are somewhat see through as well. The overall length is to the shoulders. This look just shouts whimsical fun all the way around. She has a brightly colored rocker tank top with big and dangly jewelry.

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The 1970's were all about feathered hair and this school picture of a sophomore high school girl comes from 1976.

70's Feathered Hair

She has a side part with bangs that feather to the side. Lot of layers create the foundation for this retro style. A brush was used with a blow dryer to direct the strands into place. The bottom flows onto the shoulders. Make-up was very uncommon with teenage girls of this era. Maybe mascara and possibly blush was usually about it. This photo also gives some idea of the fashion at the time. The tee shirt has a white band and collar and the rest is a blue pin stripe. A simple beaded necklace on a chain is the only accessory.

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The 70s were known for the "no style" hairstyle, when long and super straight hair was the in thing and wearing a thin headband across the forehead was hot fashion.

70s Headband

This young woman has an off center part and no-bangs as the teal blue headband holds the strands off of the face and in place. There is a big flower placed on one side that adds a touch of whimsy and also a true retro charm that is reminiscent of the flower child. She has bleach blonde color that stands out against her suntan skin tone. Her brightly colored short sleeve top is a perfect choice to go with the whole look.

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This one reminds us of those feathered hairstyles that were so popular in the 70's.

Jennifer Morrison

A middle part separates the bangs as they brush to each side for a bang-less look. A large barrel curling held vertically and twisted toward the back helps to get the look shown here which is not a true feathered style but simulates the idea. Her locks are very long which could be achieved with hair extensions if needed. The color is golden blonde. The dress she has chosen to wear at  "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol" is form fitted with black and blue fabric.

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Cameron is shown here with a plain and layered long hairstyle that is simply parted in the middle and bang-less.

Cameron Diaz

She has the bang sections pulled back and tucked behind the ears which was a popular 70's style. Highlights and low-lights add depth to her blonde locks. Graduated layers around the front help keep the bottom area from looking too bushy. She is wearing a form fitting strapless tan dress and holding a peach pocketbook.

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