70s hairstyles

Great pictures of 70s hairstyles and clothing can be found here. We also have information about the 1970s retro look.

Here is a great profile view of a brunette woman with retro updo and shagadelic wide headband with a brightly colored scarf.

70s Updo

The bouffant-like effect can be created with back combing of the underneath layers. The imperfect appeal of the strands that are somewhat wild add to the fun aspect. Starting out with unwashed hair is the best way to achieve a look like this one and what better way to do things up in a hurry and still look awesome. The band is placed right at the forehead and tied at the nape of the neck with tails that trail. This model has fair skin and pale make-up. Her big silver hoop earrings are a nice accent.

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Elsa Pataky is sporting a retro hairstyle that features sections of hair taken from the front on either side of the part and twisted to form lovely embellishments.

Elsa Pataky

The sections are brought around to the back and almost look like a headband made out of hair. Her long and gently wavy mane is a dishwater blonde with highlights and lowlights. She is wearing a strapless green dress here at GHD Pink Cherry Blossom Project for Solidarity Gala Dinner at Casino de Madrid on November 28, 2012.

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This one is a straight no style hairstyle retro 70's style and long and pretty.

Back in the day the off center part was the hot look. Just smooth and stick straight with no bangs and long: the everyday style for teenagers and young women. This lovely ethnic mixed race lady has fine hair but a good amount of it that works well with 'do. Her lovely warm brown shade is complimentary to her olive skin tone. Using a hairdryer and paddle brush while directing the air in a downward motion helps to get this look.

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Here we have a man wearing finds from the local thrift shop that make for a trendy hippie look.

Hippie Thrift Store Style

This guy has a multi-colored scarf wrapped around his head with the tails coming down over one shoulder. Aviator sunglasses sit on top of his head and have reflective lenses. His long waves are typical of the flower child era. His big turquoise sun pendant necklace represents the environment. His white eyelet shirt is certainly something a woman donated once upon a time but what the heck, it's recycled. And of course flashing the peace sign is part of the whole fashion statement.

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Oh my how fun is this hairstyle that is totally early 1970's with a bouffant and patterned headband?!

1970's Retro Headband Hairstyle

The length is full of curls created with hot rollers and look quite bouncy. The bangs are pulled straight back and tucked under the red and white accessory. This young woman has a widows peak and has dirty blonde hair. Her pastel eye make-up shouts retro. So if you are looking for a style that might be one typical of this decade, then check out this easy to duplicate look. A form can be purchased and used to create the height seen at the crown along with some good back combing.

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