70s hairstyles

Great pictures of 70s hairstyles and clothing can be found here. We also have information about the 1970s retro look.

Authentic photograph from 1979 of a young lady with a typical feathered hairstyle from that time period.

1979 Hair

Hair is shoulder length. Bangs are relatively short and textured with layers that allow the "feathered" effect. They are rolled under with a curling iron and then brushed to the side. The sides are curled toward the back and gently directed toward the back with a brush. Only light hold hairspray was used if at all as this was before the days of the 80's when shellac-like spray was used to create a monument that didn't move. These styles were made to give the look of movement. The strands were cut in a way that they could basically fall into place.

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A very popular trend during the 1970's involved the addition of a headband as a focal point and here are some great examples for you to check out.

This first one shows a young lady with smooth strands and a tiny bit of height at the top of the crown. She has long bangs that are swept to the side and left loose out of the band. Hers is white and wide. The ends of her tresses have a slight bend at the bottom.

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Well, you never know. Most celebrities have them. Instant thickness and length, so why not?

Heidi Klum

She has a 70's style 'do with a middle part and long locks. Graduated layers add dimension and gives the look of movement. There are different type of extensions but here is a YouTube on the clip in type.

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Carrie was sporting quite the big head of hair at the 2013 CMT Music Awards and this style totally reminds us of Farrah Fawcett back in the day.

Carrie Underwood

She has an off center part and her bangs are swept to the side kind of like wings. A large barrel curling iron can be used to make curls like these if held vertically while curling. Her blonde tresses in all their glory are her signature for sure. Way back when before extensions she looked something like this:

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Jennifer has a medium length layered hairstyle that is shoulder length and full of depth and interest.

jennifer Lawrence

She has an off center undefined part with side swept bangs. This style has some characteristics of a feathered 'do that is reminiscent of the 70's. Her color is reddish brown with honey highlights. A large barrel curling iron can be used to create spiral curls that twist toward the back. She is wearing a black dress here at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

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