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If you are looking for pictures to help you see what was hot for men's hairstyles and fashion back in the 1960s and 1970s, then check these out. The photo above shows a young man in the late 60s to early 70s. He has a side part with full bang combed over and the sides are straight and cover the ears. Long side burns were definitely in with full eyebrows and mustaches. Red pants with a cuff at the bottom along with white slip on shoes.

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Wow, a retro Afro and hot pants (short shorts) with heels, you can't get much more 70's than that. This woman is dressed for summer fun with big red hoop-like earrings, matching shoes, sexy black top, and big curly locks.

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The 1970s were a carefree time as we see here with these two teenagers. Boy's hair was fluffy and long and natural. Girl's hair was normally straight or slightly curled. Bangs were fashionable. These haircuts are obviously not in the quality range, but back then, it was difficult to find good stylists.

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Real pictures from the 1970s help to see the what the feathered hairstyles looked like from that time. This young woman has shoulder length naturally golden blonde hair that is layered in such a way to resemble feathers down the sides. This was the hot hairdo of the 70s which got its inspiration from actress Farrah Fawcett of Charlies Angels. Either curling irons or hot rollers were used to help with the styling.

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Typical teenage boys in the 70's wore their hair long and scruffy. These two cute guys just let their hair do its natural thing. The guy on the left had thick and wavy hair. The dude on the right had straighter hair so it feathered easier. Old man hats were worn sitting high up on the head with hair hanging down. Hmmm looks like we see young people doing this same thing now days. I wonder where they got that idea.

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