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Hippie Flower Child Hair and Clothes

The 1960s and 70s were a time when young people protested war and fought for peace and love and they did so with flowers in their hair as they wore tie dye and beads. This young woman has long kinky curls and a daisy tucked behind one ear (daisies are a retro flower). She has tiny rectanglur sunglasses, a brightly color splashed tank top, and is flashing the peace sign.

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Here is a great example of the classic 60s bouffant flip hairstyle.



This one has huge volume with lots of back combing to create a big hump. The ends flip up to add a sassy edge to this 'do. She has a full bang and the length is ear level well up off of the shoulder. This woman is also sporting some great fashion ideas from this time like a cropped blouse and straight legged pants that hit above the ankle.

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60s Big Bouffant Flip

Here's a picture of a teacher from the 1960s with a big bouffant flip. This woman has plenty of height on the top of her head as it looks as though there are at least 8 inches of ratted curls there. This was a popular hairstyle during this time period and celebrities like That Girl had something very similar.

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girl with a 60s hairdo and curlers

O.K., so if you are old enough to remember the 60s, you might recall wearing curlers to get the look, or might have memories of seeing women in the grocery stores with hairnets and those curl things especially if you were just a kid back then. If you were not born yet, consider yourself lucky that you did not have to endure this. This pre-teen girl is playing with some younger children while her locks dry into perfect little curls on the top of her head. This was any easy way to get some lift for those poofy 'dos. Notice the neatly arranged group of short strands right in front of her ear. They used Dippity Do for that.

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Here we have a young woman with an example of early 1960s hair, sweater, skirt, and shoes. This gal is standing out on an old country dirt road with her arms folded just like a teenager would do if she was not into whatever was going on here. She is wearing a white blouse that is tucked into a full skirt that comes around the waist and is very puffy. It looks like she is wearing some kind of slip that might had fullness as well. Her shoes are simple slip-ons and are flats. Her hair is cut in a fashion that would be consistent with the decade prior, but she has plenty of lift on top from back-combing and that is definitely a sign that the 60s were in full swing with the bouffant.

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