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The many looks of Kelly and here she is sporting a blonde bouffant style and is wearing a shiny red dress that has a cellophane effect.

Kelly Osbourne

Her yellow hair is smoothed back into a high hump which can be accomplished easier with an instant beehive accessory which is a piece that is placed under the strands to give height. The side-swept bangs brush over the eyes. She is wearing red gloves to match her dress. Event: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2010 – Naomi Campbell's Fashion Relief For Haiti – Runway

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Want to get a retro 60's look with a headband?

Sixties Headband

Bright blue eye shadow matches the headband of the same color and both are an interesting compliment to the auburn hair color.

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This style has height at the top of the crown in a beehive fashion and a long ponytail that trails down over the front.

Retro Woman

Retro Woman

A side part separates the bangs that are long enough to be smoothed over to each side. A form is used to create the bouffant look on the crown along with back combing. The brunette length is slightly wavy. Her polka dot dress adds to the retro 1960's charm of this overall look which would be perfect for a theme party, wedding, or dance.

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Jamie Carson could step off the set of the Partridge Family or the Laugh In Tv show from the late 60s or early 70s.

Jamie Carson

Jamie Carson

Dig the flower power short dress and white fish net stockings with go go boots. She has a white headband and green flower earrings. Perfect look for a costume party or you would probably fit right in walking down the street in today's world.

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The early 1960's still held conservative attitudes toward hair and many boys wore crewcuts:



The top and sides are cut super short and because of a cowlick right near the front, there are some unruly tufts that want to do their own thing. In today's world, those random strands make this style practically up to date.

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