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This is Eva Green's version of a bouffant updo. Her bangs are pulled straight back and worked into the bouffant which has some decent height on top.

Eva Green

The sides are pulled back and kept close to the scalp. She has medium/dark brown hair and a fair complexion. Her eyes are blue grey and match her high neck dress. This shot was taken at "Dark Shadows" Los Angeles Premiere. Eva plays Angelique Bouchard who placed a curse on Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) which turned him into a vampire in the 18th century. The original soap opera, which the movie is based on, aired from 1966 to 1971 so this retro 60's beehive hairstyle is perfect for the occasion.

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Check out Caggie Dunlop with her hair all done up in a retro bouffant-ish style with a modern flair.

Caggie Dunlop

The middle part stops short of the crown where the puff begins. The top back portion and sides have some oomph to them but not too much. Back combing of the under layers adds height and then smoothing of the outer layer gives a straight look to this updo hairstyle. The long bangs are drawn over to the sides and lightly curled for some feminine fringe. Her color is a honey brown with warm highlights. Her make-up is understated and she is wearing a tan colored suit jacket and button up blouse here at "The Lucky One" European Premiere.

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This great hairstyle that is reminiscent of the flower child from the 1960's when flowers were handed out as a symbol of peace and love on Haight Ashbury.

Flower Child

This woman has long dirty blonde hair with a thin braid that comes across the forehead like a headband and she has small yellow flowers placed around the front. She is fair skinned with blue eyes and is wearing very little make-up. This was typical of this decade.

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Here is an extreme version of a retro style that is still popular today. This one takes the familiar bouffant to another level, or should we say height.

Amy Childs

The Coneheads had tall and pointy heads and we know that Amy does not have a head like that, but there are accessories such as hair forms that can be placed underneath the strands to create the necessary lift to get a beehive like this one. She has fringe for bangs that is long and textured. She is wearing a skin tight black leather outfit as she sits on a pink Vespa. The hair color is auburn red.

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This is a great modern example of a 60's hairstyle complete with headband and bouffant-ish flair without the crazy height.

Tulsa contostavlos 

Tulisa Contostavlos Launches Her New fragrance "The Female Boss" at the Perfume Shop in London and she shows us this nostalgic hairstyle, The bang area is swept to the side and then tucked behind one ear. A thin headband holds the strands in place. Back combing provides the lift behind the band and the top layer is smoothed and directed toward the back. This is a straight style all the way to the ends that are curled. The color is pretty brunette and her skin tone is tan. Her bright red/orange lipstick shows off a bright white smile. The black eyeliner is in keeping with 1960's style and so is her black, red, and white check shirt dress.

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