1950s hairstyles

If you are looking for 50's hairstyle pictures and information, this is the place. We have actual photographs from this decade along with information.

This picture of a little girl from the 1950's is a nice example of a typical kids hairstyle from that era.

1950s girl

This black and white photo shows a grade school age gal wearing a headband with a woven design. This accessory was often used to hold the hair back and away from the face. She has wavy brown locks that are short and cut above the shoulder. She was probably dressed in her Sunday best on this day.

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This young woman is posing for a promotional shot behind the film counter. This is an actual vintage photo from circa 1953.

Woman at Work

She has short bangs that have been pin curled into place. The sides are curled toward the back and bobby pinned into place above the ear. She has a side part and medium brown hair that is cut short in the back. Women of this era usually did their styling at night with wet hair and then in the morning combed it into place. This gal has very fine hair which meant that keeping it short helped to prevent it from looking too thin.

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Wonder what girls in the 1950's wore for their first communion and how they did their hair?

1950s Communion

This vintage photograph is dated May 1959 and shows a young girl wearing a white communion dress and veil. The dress has a full skirt and is knee length. It has cap sleeves and modest collar. She is standing in the front yard posing for the photographer. She has white shoes and anklet socks to match. Her short light brown hair is cut just above the shoulder and she has full bangs that are cut in a slight arch with the two sides being somewhat shorter.

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In the 1940's and 50's men carried photographs of pin up girls with them on journeys overseas while serving their country during WWII and the Korean War.

Pin Up Girl

This woman is wearing a wide red scarf tied around her head with a knot/bow in the front where her bangs are rolled up around it. The rest of her light brown hair is pulled up in an updo and the back has small bun. She is wearing a red and white checkered blouse that is tied up in the front and of course her lipstick is bold and matching. Her blue jeans complete the look. The color combination and the sexy playful look of these women helped to give the men of this time period something to live for.

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The 1950's were a time of "Happy Days" when many would argue that life was much simpler. This is an original vintage graduation photo of a girl with a typical hairstyle of this era.

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