1950s hairstyles

If you are looking for 50's hairstyle pictures and information, this is the place. We have actual photographs from this decade along with information.

What a sweet look for a special occasion, prom, or everyday, and this young woman here has just the one.

Her honey blonde hair is slicked back and held tightly to the scalp as it is brought to the back of the head and secured into a ponytail and then formed into a neat bun. Her bangs are sectioned off and pulled to the side and with the help of strong hold hairspray, it stays in place. A pretty white ribbon is tied around the bun and a bow is created on top. Her red and black polka dot strapless dress and white pearls along with red earrings are a perfect way to celebrate a classic 1950's look. Her black eyeliner extends past the eyes for a flirtatious spark.

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These folks are dressed up for a wedding and sporting period hairstyles and clothing.

1950's Family / HairStyleTwist.com

The two men on the right are wearing dark double breasted suits with ties and boutineers and are probably groomsmen. They have short and manicured hairstyles that are conservative in nature. The top is wavy and the sides are short. Here is close up shot below:

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If you are looking for a vintage inspired updo for your formal event, school dance, or wedding then by all means see what Amber has going on here.

Amber Heard

This one was shot at "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" Costume Institute Gala and this model and actress has chosen to pull the length up in a manner that helps her style look as though it's short as in faux. The sides are pinned back and the ends are tucked under. Her strapless dress and jewelry are consistent with 1950's glamor. The bangs are swept up and over in a wave. Her lipstick is bright red. Her dark roots show up along her side part as the main color is blonde.

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Full of retro charm, this color photo shows the hairstyles, clothes, and furniture that was popular during this post WWII decade.

1950's Couple

The man is wearing a suit and tie and has slicked back short dark hair while the woman is dressed in a party gown. Her dress has netted fabric in layers that is floor length and the skirt portion is full. Her hairstyle is short and curly and very typical of this era. Women traded their longer glam curls for shorter and more conservative locks in the 50's. These two are sitting on a couch ready to attend a wedding. The coffee table is full on contemporary.

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Women in the 1950's wore conservative dresses and skirts, fairly short and curly hair, and pumps to work.

All of these women have short brunette hair. The sides are kept shorter and the ears are exposed.  The woman on the left has a straight style in a pixie cut. Her bangs are short and full. Two women are wearing black framed cat eye glasses. Their dresses are plain and simple for the most part except for the one on the right side and she has a patterned print. The length of their dresses is just past the knee. Pumps with heels were standard. The gentleman who is sitting on the left is wearing a suit and bow tie.

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