1950s hairstyles

If you are looking for 50's hairstyle pictures and information, this is the place. We have actual photographs from this decade along with information.

This has all the vintage charm of yesteryear with defined ringlets that dangle down to the shoulders for a feminine look.

Blonde Ringlets

The bangs are combed up and back off of the forehead. The curls are held in place with heavy amounts of product and strong hold hairspray. The are stiff but look bouncy. The color is dishwater blonde with lighter highlights. This is a perfect pin-up look.

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Here we have a man from the 1950's posing for a photograph with his arms crossed in front of two vintage cars!

He has curly hair that he wears fairly short and manicured but it's long enough to comb back from the forehead. The strands actually look wavy rather than curly. Pomade helped to tame away wildness and to keep things in place. The sides are short! He is wearing a simple white shirt with a collar and short sleeves. The jeans are straight legged but loose and relaxed and rolled up at the bottom. Loafers polish off the look of hip! It is interesting that the belt buckle is worn off to the side rather than in the middle.

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If you are looking for an example of a typical haircut worn by a boy in the 50's, you've got to take a look here!

This young man is probably around 12 or 13 years old, maybe 14. The sides are cut close to the scalp and above the ears. The top section is left longer and is all combed forward for a full bang and no defined part can be seen. The top is layered to help keep a more manicured look. The bangs are brushed to the side slightly and only come down about halfway on the forehead. He is wearing a suit jacket and tie for this portrait.

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This picture shows typical teenagers of this time period posing with cap and gown and vintage car!!!!

The young man is standing up against the car while the young woman is sitting inside the car in the driver's seat and smiling for the picture. The gentleman is wearing a long gradation gown with a white shirt and tie. His dress shoes look well worn. His haircut is very short and shaved on the sides. His hat sits squarely on his head with the point in the front hitting close to the eyebrows.

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Check out Cody Simpson with a retro 1950's pompadour hairstyle at his Shoe Signing at Schuh in London.

Cody Simpson

His dishwater blonde 'do is full of height and style with the bangs being pushed up high in the front. He has a side part and the sides are trimmed short above the ears. Heavy use of hair products creates a wet look that will stay put all day. Pomade is also a good choice for this one. He is wearing a faded blue jean vest jacket with black sleeves.

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