1940s hairstyles

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Her signature jet black hair color sets the stage for this lovely and feminine 1940's hairstyle.

Dita Von Teese

She has side part with soft curls that are directed toward her face on both sides. The length is to the shoulder. One side is tucked behind the ear. She is wearing bright red lipstick which was very popular during this decade for fashion. She is wearing a black dress with a very revealing neckline here as she performed at the Hyde Bellagio Lounge in Las Vegas on January 14, 2012.

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This one gets it's inspiration from decades in the past and what better way to dress it up for any special occasion.

Julianne Hough

A defined spiral curl frames each side of her face. A side part and a swooped up and over bang keep the strands off of the face. What a beautiful way to style shoulder length hair for holiday parties, school dances, or any formal event. The curl on her right side is formed by holding a curling iron vertically and twisting toward the face while on the left side the same is true however the bangs are curled away and toward the back. Her lovely golden blonde color along with deep red lipstick add to the vintage appeal.

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The one is full of vintage charm and looks lovely for a dressy occasion.

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich has a side part and a cowlick up front that works into this style nicely. The bangs swoop up and over where they flip up and off to the side. The ends of this bob curl under and hit the neck just under the ear. This style is mostly smooth and straight with a touch of curl toward the face.

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This is a genuine vintage photograph from the 40's with a great example of a curly shoulder length bob with a side part.

1940's Blonde Woman

Her bangs are rolled up and back which was a popular look for this time period. They were often called victory rolls. The curls are big and soft and concentrated around the bottom of the hairstyle. Hot rollers help to achieve a look like this one. The curls go toward the face. Bright red lipstick was typical as well as suit dresses and shoulder pads.

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This style is reminiscent of Hollywood glamor from days gone by. His style was very popular back in the 1940's with short sides and longer top that is combed up and back.

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