1940s hairstyles

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This photo of a 1940's woman shows us a nice example of an updo perfect for short hair and it has an attractive vintage appeal.

Vintage Shag

The top is randomly curled which makes the bangs look super short and full of volume. The sides are slicked back with pomade and attached in the back with bobby pins. There is just a fringe of hair on the neck that can be seen from the front. She is wearing a satin black dress with gathered sleeves. Her nails are neatly polished.

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There is something very romantic about a WWII couple and this vintage photo shows a US Army Air Force crewman with his sweetheart while home on leave.

1940's WWII couple

This is my aunt and uncle so I know the story. This man was a tail gunner on a B17 bomber during WWII. He came home on one leave during his deployment and this photo was taken at that time. He is wearing his military uniform and has his arm around his young wife who is wearing her hair in a classic pin up style. Her hair is dark, full of curls, and shoulder length. The top has height while the sides are bobby pinned close to the scalp to give the appearance of a partial updo. It was common for women of this era to wear a simple white blouse and a patterned print skirt that has a wide waist band and pleats. The length is to the knee. Her shoes lace up and bobby socks were fashionable.

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Looking for a simple retro hairstyle with a 1940's influence? Dita Von Teese has black hair that is medium length and gently curled just like the women of this era had.

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The ever popular vintage hairstyle is hot for current weddings and this old photograph of a group of brides shows us how to get the look.

1940's Bride and Bridemaids

The naked trees in the background of this outdoor shot would suggest that the season is early spring or perhaps winter. These four ladies are dressed in long white gowns and each has a traditional veil that is placed on top of the head in true retro style. It was common for woman of this era to wear their short curly hair down and as if they would on a daily basis. The bangs are also short and tightly curled. The neckline of their dresses is modest and a pearl necklace was standard. Shoulder pads and long sleeves were also in. Two of the women are wearing wire framed glasses that are barely noticeable. The flower bouquets are large and have white bows as well. Make up was generally fairly natural looking but bright red lipstick was a must. What fun it would be to copy the romantic style of our mothers, grandmothers, or great grandmothers.

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What a great old family portrait photo from the 1940's showing the hairstyles and fashions for men, women, and children from that era.

1940's Family

The father is wearing a pin stripe double breasted suit with a tie and has a slicked back short hairstyle. The mother has medium brown hair that is shoulder length and she has a side part. A clip holds the bangs over to one side and soft looking glam curls typical of this time period decorate the sides. She is wearing a long sleeve blouse and skirt. Their daughter sits on their laps in the middle and has a cute little short hairstyle with one side ponytail. Her bangs are cut very short and are curled as well as the sides.

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