1940s hairstyles

We have pictures of 1940's hairstyles and clothes along with informative articles to help you with your investigation into this time period.

Women of this era had such a feminine and romantic look! Check out this vintage photo taken in the mid 1940's.

Hair was typically cut to shoulder length and curls were a must. Rollers and pin curls did the trick for styling. This gal has medium brown tresses with the sides brushed back away from the face. There is a small tuft above the forehead that winds around in a swirl. Bobby pins keep the sides neat and tidy and close to the scalp. Then at about ear level the soft curls grow in volume and fullness.

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This is a very charming photograph taken in the 1940's of a father, young son, and baby daughter.

They are dressed in their Sunday best as they pose for a shot in the yard. A white picket fence, bare winter-like trees, and simple houses serve as the backdrop. The dad is crouched down and holding the baby up as she stands there with her dress and bonnet. Brother is probably about six years old and is showing off a sweet little smirk.

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Dita Von Teese is showing off a signature style for her here at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 – Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Fashion!

Dita Von Teese

Hair is parted on the side and bangs are directed up and over in a manicured way with soft and small curls right at the temple. The side are curled under as they brush he shoulders. The strands are neat and smooth. Check out the book "Vintage Hairstyling." It has some wonderful tips on how to get these retro styles for yourself.

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This is an authentic photograph from the 1940's that shows a nice example of a wavy bob and a straw hat.

This young woman is in her early 20's and dressed up in her Sunday best. Her hat has a wide brim and is worn toward the back of the head so it almost looks like a bonnet and in fact it does have a tie around the neck. She has a side part and loose finger waves! The length is above the shoulder and the color is a rich brown. She has a flower added to each side! Her jacket has no buttons and is left open in the front. The fabric is faux fur.

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This style is bleach blonde and pinned up into a partial updo with the bangs being rolled under while the sides are rolled up toward the top of the head.


This is truly a good example of a style that became popular during the WWII era. Many celebrities are choosing these vintage looks for themselves as we see here with Atmosphere. The event: Tattoo Art' Mex 2012.

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