1940s hairstyles

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This is such a charming and typical hairstyle worn by women during the decade of the 1940's.

1940's woman

This gal has short dark hair with a deep side part and super short bangs that are rolled under and cut fairly straight across. The fullness is concentrated on the sides rather than the top which is pretty flat. Rollers placed at night in rows helped to create a style such as this. Women typically slept with those hard and uncomfortable accessories in an effort to look glamorous and feminine. This photo was taken around the WWII era and is in black and white. The setting is in the bathroom with a retro sink.

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This is a fun way to make a hairstyle that looks very 1940's with three great big rolls that rock a big statement.

1940s Roll Updo

Post WWII era was a time when patriotism was in vogue and the Victory Roll was very popular. This updo hairstyle takes that theme a step further with a big and bold statement that showcases three large rolls: one is at the back of the neck and the other two are on top of the head. The sides are slicked down to the scalp on the sides as they are brought up to form perfectly shaped structures.

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This is a nice hairstyle with a hint of vintage and Hollywood glamor from days gone by. This is something a young man would have worn in the 1940's but with a modern twist.

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This is a wonderfully vintage hairstyle that features long hair that is styled into a fun and beautiful partial updo.

Vintage Partial Updo

This model is looking over her shoulder with a very mischievous look on her face which was very typical of magazine ad models during the 1940's and 1950's. As for her hairdo, the one side is pulled up and over toward the other side and secured for a roll effect. The bangs are directed to the side with a twist. The length is done up in defined spirals that have a corkscrew look. Here are some spiral irons that I found when I did a search on Amazon.

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This one looks like it came straight from the 1940's with the shape and style of this medium length cut.

Nelly Furtado

A deep side part is a focal point with the bangs being pulled up and over the forehead where there is a bend up above the eye on the other side. It almost looks the back is contained in a hairnet and it also has the look of a partial updo but it just seems to just be curled under. She has dark brown hair that is a nice compliment to her olive skin tone. Her party dress has lots of glitz and sparkle with sequins.

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