1940s hairstyles

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Holly Madison is posing next to a large Nutcracker at the Nevada Ballet Theater's "The Nutcracker" 2013 Opening Night.

Nevada Ballet Theater's "The Nutcracker" 2013 Opening Night - Arrivals

She has a lovely partial updo with bangs that swoop up and over the forehead. They have one large curl that is somewhat vintage and reminiscent of the styles of the 1940's. Her color is a warm blonde that is darker toward the roots. The length is past the shoulders and flows into large spirals.

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This style is reminiscent of the 1940's WWII era with shoulder length black tresses that gently curl under.

Dita Von Teese

She has a side part with bangs that are pulled up and over. The side are tucked behind the ears. Soft curls start at ear level and cascade down the back.

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This is a lovely partial updo worn by a young woman in the 1940's.

This photo is authentic from that decade. The sides of her hairstyle are pulled back and then curled forward into rolls! The back is down and reaches the collar. The bangs are stacked on top of the forehead in a tuft. She is wearing period clothes and a corsage for a special event. Her dress has embroidery. Red lipstick was typical and a standard feminine statement. The Victory Roll was a popular style post WWII and a patriotic way to celebrate the success of the war for the Allies.

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This is a nice example of a couple posing for a picture on a 1940's Christmas card!

The woman has dark hair that is pulled back on the sides and left longer in the back. The bottom of her ears show. The top section has a twist that comes down over the forehead like a dip. It also has a few waves that add softness and interest. Her lipstick is dark and most likely red. Her white blouse has lace and details. Her husband has the typical clean cut look with a deep side part and a deliberate finger wave on top. Both of them have no stands near the face! Their picture looks a postage stamp on the front of the card that has holy and a ribbon that says: Seasons Greetings. A very nice All American look that was very typical in the 40's.

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We have a lovely vintage updo that showcases many twists that are placed throughout this 1940's style.

Vintage Twisted Updo

The length in the back is brought up and twisted around like a bow and secured in the middle with a section of hair. Two other sections are brought up the top in the front and small rolls are added there. This is an unusual and out of the ordinary 'do. It's classy and formal but can be dressed down.

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