1940s hairstyles

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This is quite the unique scene here in 1950 showing what looks to be a double wedding or possibly a renewal of wedding vows.


We have two couples standing at the center dressed in long gowns that are not white and holding big bouquets of flowers. The women are next to each other and the men are at their sides and they are surrounded by a large party of ladies also holding flowers. This is staged like a wedding photo with two rows of folks and some are standing in the rear while those in the front are sitting. Their ages vary from about 20's to 50's. The gals are sporting typical hairdos of this decade with most being short and curled. Early in the 50's the styles were still usually following the trends from the 1940's which showcased Victory Rolls and cascading curls.

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It's so fun to look at these old photographs. It looks like a brother and sister are standing outside in front of a forest posing for this shot.

1940's Kids

The girl is wearing tattered clothes. These are probably considered play clothes. Her jeans have holes at the knees. She has a simple ponytail to make playing easier and her bangs are chopped straight across and no doubt her mom cut her hair. The sides of her locks are sticking straight out which matches her messy look. Her coat is buttoned with the buttons going into the wrong holes. Did you ever do that as a kid?

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These two love birds must have been at a Christmas party because I spy a candy pin on her dress.

1940's couple

The young man has a Clark Gable-like haircut that was typical of that era with a side part and combed up and over bangs. The sides are short and hair products provide a slicked back wet look. He is wearing a tweed suit with white shirt and plaid necktie. Folks generally dressed up semi formal for parties and occasions.

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Just standing on the porch posing for a picture, this gal's image comes straight from the mid 40's complete with curled hair and conservative dress.

1940's Woman

A deep side part was common and bangs are swept to the side and pinned with bobby pins. The top portion is smooth while the curls are kept toward the bottom. The length is just short of the shoulders.

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Most women of the 1940's preferred curls to straight locks, but if you are looking for a straight and long hairstyle that has the charm of this era, then check out this style.

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