1930s hairstyles

Brad Pitt is sporting a new look that is somewhat reminiscent of the 1930's with this vintage hairstyle.

Brad Pitt

The sides are shaved close to the scalp. The top is left longer which is finger styled and slicked back. This is a sharp and classy clean cut look. He has had so many different styles over the years from long to short and this one is super short for him.

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These sisters are all dressed up for Easter and wearing their Sunday best as they pose on the porch of their house.

1930's Girls

These little girls are wearing bob hairstyles. The oldest one has a middle part and each side is pulled up into a braid that turns her style into a partial updo. The back is left down and just short of shoulder length. The bottom is loosely curled. The middle sister has straight hair that is cut into a short bob. The top is pulled back and few bangs remain. They are cut short. She is wearing a bonnet. The littlest girl is wearing a fashion hat. She has a cute coat that has pleats and fabric covered buttons. The other two are wearing Easter dresses and Mary Janes. One has anklets and the one has knee socks.

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Here we have two ladies from the 1930's sitting on a dock with a dog and what a charming example of the hair and fashions for older ladies of that era.

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What an awesome period photo this is, circa 1930's, showing a fashionably wavy bob!

The sepia monochrome image shows a woman leaning up against a fence at the zoo. She is wearing a short sleeve dark colored blouse and matching skirt. She has a side part and finger waves that create a soft and feminine appeal. The length is right at the ear and tapers there so there are no harsh lines. The bangs are directed to the side and dangle a bit over the eye.

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This is a great period photo with a perfect example of how men in the 1930's wore their hair!

His haircut is short and manicured. The sides are cut above the ears. An off center part is deliberate. Pomade helps with styling for a bit of a greasy look and holds strands in place. The bangs are pushed back and up off the face.

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