1920s hairstyles

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This picture shows a 1920's woman with a rather modern and edgy updo from that era.

1920s Updo

This hairdo was accomplished with short curly hair. The sides are left down and hair is brushed upward toward the center top where bobby pins are used to secure the mass. The way that the hair is pulled up creates a look of full bangs on the forehead. The tresses on the sides are curled around forward just in front of the ears.

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This original photograph came from our archives and has a great example of a flapper girl 1920's hairstyle.

1920s photograph

The Marcel wave was still very popular and in 1910  women began cutting their hair short as a new sign of freedom from their corsettes and the beginning of a new trend for young ladies entering into the workforce. The Louise Brooks bob was the most famous hairstyle of the 20's. Vintage looks are gaining popularity in today's fashions. It is fun to look at old photos for inspiration.

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Here is a photograph of a young woman in the early part of the 20th century.

1920s Woman with Bob

The 1920's were a time of transformation for females and hairstyles were part of this. Prior to this time, women generally wore their hair long. The craze to cut their hair into short bobs swept the country and abroad. The Marcel wave was very popular and this gal has one big wave in the front while the sides appear to be twisted into small curls at about ear length. She may actually have longer hair but pinned it up to give the look of short hair in a faux bob. The strands on top are combed forward and swooped around to form bangs on the forehead. She probably has a bun in the back. This was one way to get a short hairstyle without cutting the hair. This may have been a good option for those who wanted the option for long hairstyles as well.

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