1920s hairstyles

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This is a great example of how you can get a 1920's faux wavy bob even when you have long hair!!!

Amy Adams

She has a side part with one side slicked back close to the scalp. The other has the bangs pulled over and then waves are created like a Marcel Wave. A crimper could be used here or a flat iron would work as well. The back is pulled up into an updo and the side with the bob-look has some creative placement and strategic planning.

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This bob is short and sassy and full of life with vintage waves!

1920's Bob

The back is shorter and the front is longer for an inverted appeal. The waves are defined and bouncy. A curling iron held vertically can help to get this look by taking sections and winding them around the barrel. Finger styling is all that is needed and avoid using a brush or comb. A curl enhancing gel will help with the hold. This young and lovely model has a golden blonde shade with highlights and lowlights. Dramatic eye makeup and bright red lips are a must for period detail. The elbow gloves are a nice touch as well if one is going for a knock out 20's look.

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This photograph was taken in the late 1920's and represents how a typical woman would have worn her hair and clothes.


She was all the rage with a wavy bob that has a side part and is cut to ear length. The ends flair out a bit giving this 'do a less manicured look. Her glasses are round and on the large size. Her expression looks a bit mischievous which might tell us a little bit about Minnie's personality. We know her name as it is handwritten on the photo. Here is a close up of her.

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Looking at this actual photograph circa 1920s shows us that not much has changed in all these years with the dress and pose for that special day portrait.

1920s graduate woman

This is from the era when women were cutting their long tresses short into ear length bob haircuts. The Marcel wave was popular and all the rage. This gal has dark hair that she has styled around her graduation cap. This is one great example of "how to wear bangs" with this cumbersome yet all so important piece of clothing. The bangs are brushed to the side and partially tuck up and under but then a tuft barely peaks through as they swirl  back up under the brim. The sides are cut into graduated lengths that go from the eye down just past the ear. If you look closely you will see a little pin curl above one eyebrow. Her cap and gown are black with a big white collar.

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This one by Amanda Seyfried is reminiscent of the 1920's finger waves with long lovely tresses that are ultra glam and feminine.

Amanda Seyfried

You can get a look like this one using with a  1 – 1/2" curling iron held vertically and working in sections, wind the strands around the barrel leaving the ends free. Spray first with hairspray and then curl. Gently brush out with a vent brush and fingers. This is a soft and beautiful style perfect for any occasion whether formal or casual.

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