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We have information and pictures of hairstyles from the early 1900s.

What a lovely vintage inspired hairstyle that would be perfect for so many occasions.

Vintage Side Ponytail

She has very defined and deliberate waves that are created using hair products that will keep the strands together and in curled position. The bangs are brought back from the forehead and lifted a bit into shape for some height. The mane is pulled into a ponytail at the back of the neck and the length cascades over one shoulder in a side swept fashion. The way this one is curled is almost reminiscent of pin curls but these are much bigger and twisted in various directs for an edgy appeal. She is wearing long dangle jeweled earrings and strapless white gown.

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During the early 1900's woman generally had long hair but often wore it up to keep it out of the way of chores as a practical measure.

Early 1900s Updo

A deep and deliberate side part separates the two sides. Her hair is naturally wavy and somewhat kinky. It was probably difficult to control this trait but pulling it back and into a bun helped to manage the bushiness. You can barely see a barrette that is used to secure the rear portion. She is not wearing a stitch of make-up. Her white gauzy cotton blouse has a modest v-neck with ruffles lining it.

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This is an actual vintage photo that is a great example of an early 1900's hairstyle.


This Victorian updo is full of poof around the crown and the front area is embellished with curls that cover over the forehead. Women of this time period still wore their locks long and pulled up into styles that looked short and kept the mane out of the way of chores and such. She is wearing a lacy white blouse with a black choker. Her face is quite plain as make-up was not common.

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Women of this era often wore their up and this one has large rolls all around the head. This is an actual period photo circa late 1800's to early 1900's.

Victorian Updo

Victorian Updo / HairStyleTwist

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With this look a bride wouldn't have to worry about a hairstyle:

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding

This bride and groom from the early 1900's shows us how things were done a century ago. The veil is attached to a hat that resembles a shower cap. The nice thing is, it covers up the hair so who has to worry? It looks like the lady is a tad bit taller than the man.

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