1950s' Women's Hairstyles at Work

How did women in the 1950's wear their hair for work and what kind of clothes did they wear?

1950s women

Women flocked to the workforce in the 1940's to help with the war effort, when the 1950's rolled around many women stayed home to raise children but still a significant number of women chose to bring home a paycheck.

In this photo above we have three women sitting in a waiting room for a promotional photo reading various magazines that were popular at the time such as LOOK, GLAMOUR, and LIFE.

Each woman has a short hairstyle with neat curls and they have no bangs as they have brushed those up and over their forehead and styled them into place. Pin curls and rollers were most likely used to get the desired look. These gals all have brunette locks and their ears show as either the sides are cut short or they are tucked behind the ear.

They are all wearing dresses or skirts which was expected of professional women during this era. They look very feminine and capable.

The furniture is simple and typical for the era as we can see a side chair, couch, side table, coffee table and lamp.