Turn of the Century Hairstyles for Men and Women

What an awesome sepia photograph of a group of men and women showing the hair and fashions at the turn of the century.

early 1900's men and women

close up of faces

The women have puffy updo hairstyles that are full of height and volume. They are wearing long dresses and coats with fur collars and stoles. They have long bangs that are brushed up and back.

The men are all wearing hats of different sorts and suits with ties.

This looks to be a formal outing or perhaps it's their Sunday's best dress.

close up woman

This last photo although it's not extremely clear, shows a close up of one of the women in the main picture. Her tresses are piled high on top of her head with the bulk of it in the front. She has plain features and no make-up. A pale complexion was desirable for women during this time period. They often used lemon juice to bleach their skin.

The men have short slicked back hair which is mostly covered by their fedoras or engineer type hats.

vintage wedding

This is a perfect example of a turn of century bride and groom. The gentleman has a short and slicked back style with a side part. The bride has a bonnet with a veil attached so her hair is not visible. Awesome examples of the dress of this time period as well as photo props and accessories.

close up

These two teenage girls are wearing fancy wide brim hats and braids and curls. Bows and lace are some chosen accessories in this Victorian Era photo.

Early 1900's Classic Updo

This one shows us an example of a woman's updo of this time period. Her bangs are parted in the middle and straight and they are combed to each side and are kept close to the scalp. Curled hair is bobby pinned into place for a style that resembles a bob. But women did not start cutting their locks into bobs until the 1920's.

Victorian Woman

This is a very classic Victorian style. She appears to be wearing a wig that is very full and bouffant-ish. The top is lifted high with back combing and has a top layer that is smooth and straight. All around the crown, sections are curled in random directions and circle the crown as if to be an elaborate form of bangs. It almost looks knitted. She is wearing a very high collar white blouse with pleats and a black choker.

Family Portrait 1900's

And here we have a more modest old family portrait showing modest hairstyles.