1930's Charming Hair and Styles

This vintage photo of a father and daughter on a summer outing shows the charm and style of this era.

1930's Father and Daughter

This lovely young woman has a classic wavy bob with a middle part and one pin curl at the forehead. This is a straight style with one finger wave placed at ear level. She is wearing a long culotte inspired dress that is floor length and has a patterned fabric. It is sleeveless for the warm weather of summer.

Her father has a short wavy hairstyle and he is wearing round eye glasses with dark colored prominent frames. He is wearing a long sleeve shirt and slacks.

This photo was taken outdoors and you can see the fir trees in the background as well as water from a lake or river. They might have spent the day on a picnic.

Fashions for those who ventured out in public were generally much more formal and dressy than what we see in today's world. They had great pride in their appearance for outings.