Early 1900's Classic Updo

This beautiful portrait of a woman in the early 1900's shows how a turn of the century updo is done.

Early 1900's Classic Updo

This beautiful young woman is wearing her long hair pulled up into a faux bob that is created with curls and bobby pins to show a bit more a modern look for that time period as opposed to a simple slicked back style. She has her bangs parted off to the side with a short part. The top of the crown is brushed back and there is some lift here that is done with back combing. Pin curls placed when hair is wet allows for styling after it has dried. There is most likely a low bun placed at the back to hold the length up.

In the 1920's women began cutting their length shorter into fashionable bobs but this is step prior to that bravery of chopping it all off.

She is wearing a dress that has a square neck with lace and applique as well as pleats along the shoulder. She is wearing a large medallion necklace held on a silver chain. This is a fine example of some fashion of this era.

She is not wearing any make-up for a totally natural look.