Three Generations of Hair in 1960

This vintage black and white photo shows a grandmother, mother, and daughter sitting on the couch with a Christmas tree in the background.

3 generations of women

The grandmother has a short 'do with big curls that were probably made with rollers placed on top and back combing created the height. She is wearing dark rimmed glasses typical of this era.

The teenage girl is wearing a big bouffant which was very popular for the younger generation in the early 1960's. She has very fine hair which made this style especially challenging. Sugar water was used as a way to get the strands to stiffen like gel would do. The underneath layers are ratted at the roots and outer layers are smoothed over. The bangs are combed up and back with just a few strands left out on one side. The sides come down at ear level and the back is up off of the collar.

The mother has a short hairstyle as well. Hers is smoother and neater and a smaller version of the bouffant. Her bangs are brushed up and back as well as the sides. She is wearing a boat neck top with a print that matches her pedal pushers.