Hairstyles and People of the Early 1900's

These sepia photographs from the turn of century offer some great examples of hair and clothes from that time period.


Family Portrait 1900's

This first one shows a portrait of a husband and wife posing with their baby. The embossing shows an imprint from Sterling Studio of Tacoma, WA. The woman has her straight brunette hair pulled back in a simple updo with a part down the middle and she is bang-less. This was before women began cutting their locks in shorter lengths and it was considered feminine to sport long hair even though they usually wore it up for practicality. Her husband is balding and hair is very thin on the top of the head. The baby is wearing a white dress and it is hard to know whether this is a girl or boy since they often dressed both in dresses at this age. The mother has a very modest full length Victorian style dress that has a high button collar and ornate lacy accessories at the neckline. She has a wide belt and long sleeves. There is a longer necklace that has something at the end of it which is tucked into the belt. This would be a pocket watch. The father is wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and tie and vest. Folks were very formal when out in public.

Young Woman 1900's

This next picture is of a young woman posing next to a chair and she is wearing a full length garment that has a suit jacket appearance with a skirt that has tiers and fringe at each layer. Long sleeves and button up with a high collar as well. A lovely scarf is tied into a bow at her neckline which helps to make this dark and dreary look a touch more feminine. Her strands are slicked back with a middle part. A no style hairstyle for sure.

Teen Women Early 1900's

These two teenage girls are posing outside sitting on large tree branches and sporting Victorian garb and fancy big hats. One has French braids with a middle part and big bow placed at the back. The other young lady has ringlets that dangle from the back of her updo. They have very blank expressions which was quite common and hands are folded in laps.

close up

Lovely Victorian Woman

This last photo shows a lovely young woman posing for her portrait a side full length view with her head turned and hands folded behind her. She has a full length pleated skirt in a dark color with a white frilly blouse. She has short bangs and a wavy updo and a large hat with a sash as well as flowers in her hair. The hat is placed tipped at an angle.