1950's Mom Hairstyle

This is the most charming picture of a young mother holding her baby daughter in the early 1950's.


She has a very classic look for this time period with her short brunette hair, red lipstick, and cat eye glasses. The top middle section of her hair is combed forward and then curled under. It is cut super short and straight across at the forehead. The sides are brushed downward into pin curls at ear level so this style is both straight and curly.

You can create this look at home by making two parts for the front section and combing that forward. Roll the bangs under and bobby pin underneath. For the sides, using a small barrel curling iron, put a few curls into the ends on dry hair.

This pretty mommy is holding her baby in her arms and the two of them have their cheeks together for a very endearing show of love.