Sisters in the 1940's

This is a charming old photograph that shows us how young woman in the 40's wore their hair and clothes.


These three young ladies are posing in the front yard of this vintage picture. They are sisters and the one in the middle is holding a baby. They all have short hair that is styled in simple and traditional ways. They are wearing cropped blouses and A line skirts that hit at knee length. Their shoes have laces and they are wearing anklet socks. The one on the left is holding her hands in front of her and her one knee is bent for a feminine model-type pose.


A close up of their faces shows their wavy hairstyles and brunette color. The younger teenage gal on the left has finger waves and a side part. The length is very short and cropped at ear length. The waves follow the side of the face and in a ripple fashion. At night with wet hair it was shaped using fingers and bobby pins to get the desired effects. In the morning it was lightly brushed so an not to remove the curl. The young mother in the middle is wearing a more natural look. The one on the right has a bob that is cut just above the shoulder. Her hair is naturally wavy and one side is pulled over and pinned with a clip.


Their shoes are white and look rather worn. They are flat for comfort.

Here is a little video to help you with your styling: