1980's Feathered Bi-Level Hairstyle

This screams 80's in every way from the bi-level hair to the big pink sunglasses.


The feathered hair of the 70's was different as it was typically graduated lengths and this style here shows a shift to the "bi-level" which had short sides at ear level while the back was longer. This haircut is shoulder length with full bangs that are textured in a feathered fashion. Strong hold gel and hairspray were used to keep the strands in place.

The swimsuit top is blue and white striped and the sunglasses are pink. Pastels were common as were these shades normally associated with nursery room colors.

The sliding glass door in the background is covered with blue blinds which are horizontal and hung in two panels. This is before verticals were invented. The counter top is butcher block and the walls are plain white.


A favorite backyard pass time in the summer was to lay in the sun and read magazines. Since there were no cell phones or computers or kindles, one had to rely on publications for information.

This second photograph shows a close of of the hair where you can really see the feathered affect which is created with lots of layers.