1950's Vintage Wedding Hairstyles and Clothing


This is such a charming vintage wedding picture of a 1950's bride and groom that shows typical hairstyles and dress.



bride and groom 1950s

The gentleman is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a small white corsage on his lapel. His tie is a black and white striped and is thin or narrow. He is sporting a flat top crew cut and black horned rimmed glasses with thick frames.

The young woman is wearing a blue princess dress that has three quarter length sleeves and a modest neckline. It was proper for a bride to wear another color other than white if it was not her first marriage. Her medium brown hair is short with bangs and lightly curled. It was typical for women in the 50's to sleep on pin curls and in the morning they could be brushed out for a soft look. She has bright red lipstick that shows off her beautiful happy smile.

They stand behind their wedding cake as they pose for this shot. The groom looks as though he is speaking to the photographer as this scene is being recorded in a still photo. The back drop includes a build in cupboard with the typical ornate wood