Mother and Daughter in the 1950's

This picture is a nice example of a snapshot taken of a mother and teenage daughter in the mid 1950's.

Mom and Daughter

The girl is sitting on a stool in the kitchen of their home while her mother is standing next to her with her arm around her neck. The kitchen counter looks a little art deco-ish with square lines and simple detail.

Mom is wearing checkered pants and a sweater with the sleeves pushed up to the elbows which was a common fashion trend for this time period. She has a necklace with big bold beads that has a length right to the collar bone. Her hair is styled in a easy care short bob or pixie that hits at ear level. It is parted on the side with the bangs pushed up and over the forehead. Her locks are slightly wavy with a medium brown color.

The teen is wearing peddle pusher pants with a length at the knee. They are actually rolled to this length which was common. Her blouse is checked and a button up with a collar and short sleeves. Her hair is styled in much the same manor and the short length.

It is fun to look at photos from this decade to get inspiration for vintage looks whether for everyday or 50's theme parties.